Everything you need to know about Swimming Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance made easy was developed to help you with any and all swimming pool related questions. Whether you are a home owner looking for advice on how to properly maintain your swimming pool chemicals or you want to learn all aspects of pool maintenance, then you’re at the right place.

This entire site is written in simple and easy to follow steps without all of the technical blah that you might find in other pool websites. Trust me, before I got into the swimming pool business I used to spend hours searching sites on how to properly care for swimming pools and found myself getting lost in all of the technical terminology of the professionals. Today, I am a pool service professional and I can not only help you with most any issues you have but also save you lots of money as you learn.

How easy is maintaining a Swimming Pool?

Maintaining a swimming pool or spa is actually simple if you know the tips and tricks that the pros use on a daily basis. Pool maintenance made easy will cover swimming pool equipment, chemicals, algae problems, water clarity, supplies, service, repairs, and even swimming pool safety. Pool maintenance made easy is an all inclusive guide that will provide the knowledge you need to maintain a healthy and beautiful swimming pool and save you money while you learn.

Swimming pool chemicals

There are thousands of different types and brands of swimming pool chemicals. In this area, I will give you 2 that I use on a weekly basis and 3 that I use about once a month. These are pool chemical use tips and guides from the pool professionals. Please don’t run from this section. Pool chemistry is easy once you learn my tips.

Swimming pool equipment

Taking a close look at all pool equipment and trying to understand it can be confusing. Here, I will identify and explain your pool equipment and its function. I’ve come up with a simple and cool way to help you understand how all this complicated looking equipment works.

Swimming pool repairs

In this section I will explain many of the common pool equipment problems and walk you through various repairs that you might be able to do yourself which can save lots of money. If it’s a problem that requires a swimming pool service technician then at the very least, you can get educated before you call.

Swimming pool supplies

This section will be your place to purchase supplies and equipment for your swimming pool. I will give you my best recommendations for your pool supplies to help you save money. Even if you decide to go to your local pool supply store, you can go in with confidence and knowledge about the pool supplies you want.

Swimming pool service

This is the hot spot if you’re looking for professional pool service. I will offer my personal pool service if you live in my service area or I will direct you to the very best service for you in your area. I will explain the dos and don’ts for hiring a swimming pool service.

Swimming pool safety

Pool safety is critical when owning a pool. In this section I will cover many areas regarding pool safety and keep you up to date with any new safety issues. Don’t wait until it’s too late to review this page.

A Quick Tip about Swimming Pool Maintenance

A word of caution, if you are “that person” who takes a water sample to your local pool store so they can tell you what you need then STOP! I told you I will save you money and I will keep that promise and build your trust.  Remember, pool supply stores are in business to sell you pool products. They can and will help you but they often sell you pool products that aren’t really necessary.  I am a pool service professional and pool supply representatives are constantly attempting to sell me their products. Bottom line is, before you buy, review this site so you don’t get caught chasing your tail.