Swimming Pool Chemicals

Swimming pool chemicals for routine maintenance are actually quite simple. Each of these pool chemicals can be purchased at any swimming pool supply store or even sometimes in your local big box stores.  Keep in mind that every pool chemical has hazards so be sure to read all of the proper usage, storage, and handling labels on each product.  Mixing any chemicals together is dangerous and can cause great harm so please use caution.

What is the best pool maintenance tip for swimming pool chemicals?

Keep it as simple as possible.  Add the correct amount of chemicals to your pool so you don’t have to add another pool chemical to adjust for over use.  Example, if you add too much acid to your pool water then you might have to add a PH increaser to fix your problem. You don’t want to spend extra money on the first product and then spend additional to fix your pool water problem.  Keep in mind that water prefers to be in its natural state without too many chemicals.  If you are ever in question about the amount of any chemical you add to your swimming pool then always go light.  You can always add more chemicals later.

  I’ll give a brief description of each swimming pool chemical. Click each one for more details and tips on how to use.

What is the best chemical for swimming pools?

Chlorine is the number one sanitizing chemical in swimming pools.  Chlorine will kill bacteria and viruses in the water and keeps your pool safe for swimming at the correct levels.  As a pool service professional, I use chlorine every day in most of my pools.  A couple exceptions would be in a salt water swimming pool or a pool that uses other sanitization methods which I will not cover because it is extremely rare.

Why add acid to a swimming pool?

Acid is the second chemical I use daily. When acid is added to a swimming pool it makes the water more acidic and helps the chlorine work more efficiently.  The level of acid in the water is actually the swimming pool chemical that helps swimmer comfort.  Too much acid in your pool water can be the cause of red or burning eyes more than chlorine.

What other chemicals do I need?

Although chlorine and acid are the top 2 pool chemicals that help you maintain a beautiful swimming pool, there are a few more that you need to know and use regularly.

Sodium Bicarbonate is a pool chemical I add about once a month or as needed. Let me make this easy for you, its baking soda. Yep, the baking soda helps keep the acid in the water calm. The same way your stomach feels sick with too much acid, baking soda helps pool water feel better about the acid.

Stabilizer (cyanuric acid) Stabilizer is sunscreen for your swimming pool. It keeps your other swimming pool chemicals lasting longer and working more effectively.  Without stabilizer in your pool, you can expect your chlorine costs to rise significantly.

Calcium is added to help maintain the structure of your pool.  This is the #1 pool chemical that a few pool service owners will skip because it doesn’t  affect the pool water as much as the pool structure.  Protect your investment by adding the proper amount of calcium.

This is a complete list of 5 swimming pool chemicals that will keep your swimming pool in top condition.  There are many more pool products that will assist in keeping your pool beautiful but trust me, most of them just are not necessary.  If you keep your chlorine and acid (ph) at a correct level then you have the majority of pool water problems solved.

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