Local Swimming Pool Service

Scott’s swimming pool service provides professional pool cleaning service in Stuart, FL and all surrounding cities in Martin County.

Not only do we have the most informative pool maintenance website in the area, we offer a wide variety of swimming pool services for our local customers.

Scott’s pool service strives to meet and exceed the expectations of every customer.  We treat each customer’s swimming pool as our own and build relationships.

We provide nearly any pool service available and can custom build our services to meet the needs of each customer.

Daily, weekly, or monthly swimming pool service

Full pool cleaning service includes:

  • Monitor pool and spa water levels 

Maintaining proper water levels during routine pool service is important because low water levels can damage or ruin your pool pump and motor.  When pool water levels are too high, it can cause flooding and damage to your deck and home.  Many pools have automatic water fillers. We check these during each pool service to insure it’s operating properly.  We always adjust and inform customers of potential pool water level issues.

  • Scrub and clean tiles

Pool tile cleaning is done with a tile brush and swimming pool tile soap.  Pool tile cleaning on every service is important because neglected tiles will develop a water line over time.  This line might get stained into the tile and be impossible to remove.  We remove calcium build ups on the tiles and spa face and spray tile grout line for mold.  We use our pool cleaning experience to keep tiles clean and beautiful.

  • Net and skim water

Our netting and skimming is a 2 part process to ensure your pool surface is sparkling and ready for sanitary swimming.  We skim with a super fine net which traps nearly all visible water surface particles.  A commonly used leaf net will simply not meet our standards for swimming pool service.  You will always see us net at the beginning and end of our service to ensure we meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

  • Vacuum pool floor

The proper way to vacuum a pool floor is to do it slowly.  The common mistake is to vacuum too fast which will cause the fine debris resting on the pool floor to rise and mix into the water.  When this occurs, the pool floor might look clean for a few hours but the debris will eventually resettle for a less than optimal look.

  • Brush pool walls

Good pool maintenance requires brushing the pool walls often.  Routine brushing will help remove build up and help prevent algae growth on pool walls and stairs. 

  • Clean skimmer and pump baskets

We use good habits with routine swimming pool service which include cleaning out the skimmer and pump baskets.  Keeping both baskets clean will provide a clean swimming pool and help with your pool water flow.  Good water flow is essential to maintaining a healthy swimming pool.

Testing pool water for proper chemicals is one of the most important jobs in our pool cleaning service.  We test each pool with the very best and most accurate methods available.  Keeping pool chemicals in safe and effective ranges can vary from one pool to another depending on many circumstances.   We are experts and can quickly identify your pool water needs to ensure safety of your swimming water.  We always advise our customers on specific pool chemicals added for safe water entry.

  • Clean pool filter once a month or more as needed

Most pool filters need to be cleaned at least once per month.  Maintaining a clean pool filter is A MUST in order to obtain healthy, crystal clear pool water. While it is common practice to merely rinse pool filters, our expert pool service has the experience to clean, inspect, and optimize each filter. We always inform our customers of any filtration issues.  Pool water can only be as good as its filtration system.

  • Pool equipment inspection

Inspect all equipment including pumps, motors, pool filter, heaters, auto fillers, automatic pool cleaners, electrical and remote systems. We always advise customers of any current or potential issues with every aspect of their swimming pool.

Partial swimming pool services available as well as chemical only treatments.

We fix all problems in your swimming pool

  • Green water pools
  • Green algae
  • Black algae
  • Staining and acid wash

Pool Repair service

Along with our pool cleaning service, we provide every aspect of pool repair.  We use only state certified pool repair technicians for all repairs.

We repair pool pumps and motors, clogged drains, filters, heaters, valves, time clocks, electrical systems, and pool leaks.  If the repair is part of your swimming pool, we will meet your needs.

We provide 1st class pool service at competitive prices. Our pool service experience has taught us that it’s just as easy and less expensive to maintain a pool the correct way than to cut corners.

Please feel free to call us about any pool service needs and make an appointment for a free quote.


Pool service in:

St.Lucie County;

Fort Pierce

Port St. Lucie

St. Lucie

Hutchinson Island


Martin County;

Hobe Sound

Hutchinson Beach


Jensen Beach

Jupiter Island

Ocean Breeze Park

Palm City

Port Salerno

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